Oil and mining sectors in Mozambique to have specific tool for hiring workers

7 October 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 7 Oct – The Mozambican oil and mining sectors will have a specific mechanism for hiring foreign workers, the deputy Justice Minister and government spokesman, Alberto Nkutumula said Thursday in Maputo.

At the end of an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers, Nkutumula said that four hiring regimes had been established, specifically by quotas, for short term jobs, by authorisation and for specific projects that require a certain n umber of workers.

Hiring by quota sets out, for the case of large companies, with over 100 workers, a quota of 5 percent, for medium-sized companies (between 10 and 100 workers) 8 percent and for small companies (from 1 to 10 workers), up to 10 percent.

In the case of hiring for short term jobs, of no longer than 180 days, it is enough to inform the authorities and comply with legal requirements.

The third regime only allows for hiring foreigners for projects approved by the government, which sets out a specific number of workers, which can exceed the number set out in the general regulations.

The last hiring method requires authorisation from the appropriate ministry, and allows foreigners to be employed only in cases in which there are no Mozambicans available with the required qualifications. (macauhub)