Brazil’s exports total average of US$1 billion per working day in September

11 October 2011

Brasilia, Brazil, 11 Oct – Brazil’s exports in September reached an average of US$1 billion for every working day, according to information from the Ministry for Development, Industry and Foreign Trade (MDIC).

Figures published by the MDIC showed that Brazilian exports totalled US$190 billion in the 189 working days of the first nine months of the year, as compared to an average of US$992 million per working day at the end of August.

The figures published by the MDIC showed that growth in exports, based on the daily average was 330 percent in the last 10 years, and in 2011, the daily average for Brazilian foreign sales was US$233 million.

The US$500 million level was only reached in 2006 (US$553 million per working day), in 2009 with the start of the international financial crisis, exports fell 21.7 percent to US$612 million per working day, as compared to US$782 million in 2008 and last year exports rose against, totalling a daily average of US$804 million.

Despite growth seen in the last few years, figures showed that Brazil was still far from the world’s biggest exporters.

China, for example, which is responsible for around 10 percent of total world trade, exported US$1.57 trillion in 2010, which would give a daily average, based on the Brazilian criteria, of US$6.5 billion in exports.

In its turn the United States, which accounted for 8.3 percent of world trade last year, exported US$1.28 trillion in 2010, which would lead to an average for each working day of US$5.3 billion last year. (macauhub)