Chinese car maker Chana changes name to Changan in Brazil

25 October 2011

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 25 Oct – Chinese car brand Chana has changed it trade name in Brazil to Changan, the name of the Changan Automobile Group, which owns the Chana and Hafei Motors brands, the chairman of Tricos Districar said in Sao Paulo.

During the 18th edition of the Fenatran transport fair, Abdual Ibraimo, chairman of the company responsible for selling Chana/Changan vehicles in Brazil, said that the change of name could strengthen the brand.

“By adopting the Changan brand we will benefit from the fact that the company is the first utility vehicle company in China and the fourth biggest automotive manufacturer in the (Asian) country,” he said.

Abdual Ibraimo also said that the Changan brand was strong in the international automotive sector as this year alone it was planning to manufacture over 3 million units, which is more than total projected Brazilian production for 2011.

The Chana brand was launched on the Brazilian market at the Sao Paulo International Automotive Salon in 2006 and was the first Chinese company in the Brazilian automotive sector, via importer Tricos Districar. (macauhub)