Luanda’s new airport schedule to be finished within 26 months

25 October 2011

Luanda, Angola, 25 Oct – Angola’s transport minister Augusto Tomás said Saturday in Viana municipality, in Luanda, that the new Luanda airport would be completely finished within 26 months.

The minister also said that at the end of August 2012 the first phase of construction of the new Luanda airport would be inaugurated. The new airport is located around 40 kilometres from the capital and the first phase of construction includes the control tower, the aeronautical administration building, the VIP terminal, the fire-fighters’ area, the northern flight area and the main terminal building.

Chinese company CIF Aeroporto Construction is now starting to build the terminals, the bases for construction of the control tower and the north and south runways.

The minister said that annual cargo at the airport would total 600,000 tons, the airport apron would cover an area of 582,000 square metres and a manoeuvring area of 5,125 square metres.

The terminals at Luanda Airport will have 31 boarding tunnels, 20 of which will be for the international area and 11 for domestic flights.

According to the minister, work on the airport is going well and in line with established deadlines.

The new airport, which has been under construction since the end of 2008 near the municipality of Viana, come 40 kilometres from Luanda, in an area of 324 hectares, will have two double runways capable of receiving the world’s largest commercial aircraft, the Airbus A380. (macauhub)