Tourism represents 3.6 percent of Brazil’s Gross Domestic Product

26 October 2011

São Paulo, Brazil, 16 Oct – Brazilian Tourism Minister Gastão Vieira has presented a study indicating that tourism accounts for 3.6 percent of total production in Brazil’s economy and 7.1 percent of total value added by the service sector, Brazilian news media report.

Vieira’s presentation was given on Tuesday in Paris during a gathering of tourism ministers from the world’s 20 biggest economies, known as the T-20. The study titled “Tourism, a Macroeconomic Perspective”, was produced by personnel from the Ministry of Tourism and from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE).

The study reveals that the production value of “characteristic tourism activities”, per the IBGE designation, was 168.8 billion reais (3.6 percent of GDP) in 2007.

The Tourism Ministry personnel consider that the figures have “increased significantly” in the last four years, though GDP has also risen, meaning that tourism’s 3.6 percent share of total national production in 2007 is still “very close” to the current situation. (macauhub)