Angolan government to apply uniform procedures for obtaining mining concessions

27 October 2011

Luanda, Angola, 27 Oct – Angola’s Ministry of Industry, Geology and Mines is to introduce uniform procedures for granting titles to prospect for and exploit mineral resources in the country and also to review the current situation of various concessions, Minister Joaquim David stated in Luanda.

The ministry plans to disclose new practices and orientations, taking into account approval of the New Mining Code, David said ahead of the First National Methodological Meeting held on Thursday and Friday in Malanje province.

The ministry maintains offices in the country’s 18 provinces and wants to make sure mining sector entrepreneurs and investors know what they have to do in order to operate in the sector, and that the rules are the same in all provinces.

Several weeks ago the ministry published a list of 100 concessions for various minerals. It plans to review the situation to ensure a higher percentage of prospecting concessions that can lead to exploitation of natural resources, David said.

The minister added that the fundamental goals of the Malanje meeting are to help streamline laws and regulations in order to facilitate business sector activity and reduce bureaucracy, to find out which businesses have the most potential and to ensure that the concessions granted work to increase the state’s income and tax contributions while helping reduce unemployment and poverty. (macauhub)