Portugal is the only Portuguese-speaking country with very high human development

3 November 2011

New York, USA, 3 Nov – Portugal is the only one of the eight Portuguese-speaking countries that is on the list of nations with very high human development put together by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

In its Human Development Report for 2011, in which it analyses development in 187 countries based on factors such as average life expectancy, schooling and “per capita” income, Portugal is ranked 41st out of 47 countries that are considered to have “very high” human development.”

Brazil is the second ranked Portuguese-speaking country in 84th place in the group of 46 countries with high human development.

Cape Verde is the only Portuguese-speaking African country in the list of medium development countries, in 133rd place and all the others, including East Timor, are on the list of countries with low human development.

Sao Tome and Principe is ranked 144th in the list, East Timor in 147th, Angola in 148th, Guinea Bissau in 176th and, finally, Mozambique in 184th place.

On the list, which is headed by Norway, Australia, the Netherlands, New Zealand and Canada, the special administrative region of Hong Kong is ranked in 13th place. (macauhub)