Brazilian company to start exporting pork meat directly to China

17 November 2011

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 17 Nov – Brazilian company Seara Alimentos, of the Marfrig group, is due on 24 November to send its first direct shipment of Brazilian pork to China, the company’s managing director, Mayr Bonassi said.

Speaking to financial news agency Reuters, Bonassi said that this first shipment “will not be big,” but noted that, in the long term, volumes would get progressively bigger.

Most Brazilian pork that arrives in China is received in an indirect way, via Hong Kong, which over the year is the second-biggest export destination for the product after Russia.

Bonassi also said that there was no doubt that China, which buys an increasing number of agri-livestock producers, will need to increase its purchases of Brazilian pork in order to meet demand from a population that has increasing purchasing power.

With Seara, which was bought in 2009, the Marfrig group became Brazil’s second-largest producer of pork and chicken meat as well as being the second-biggest beef producer.

As well as from Seara, China has authorised the direct sale of pork by Brazilian companies Brasil Foods and Aurora.

The pork exported by Seara was produced at the Seara Itapiranga Agri-Industrial complex, in Santa Catarina, and its destination is the port of Shanghai.

The Marfrig group is one of the biggest global meat and fish companies and is also South America’s biggest sheep producer, the biggest meat company in Argentina, the biggest poultry producer in the United Kingdom and the biggest private company in Uruguay and in Northern Ireland.

Exports to Hong Kong and China are expected in 2012 to exceed exports to Russia, which is still Brazil’s main market, according to recent figures from the Brazilian Association of Industrial Pork Meat Production and Export (ABIPECS). (macauhub)