ADB funds food security programme in Sao Tome and Principe

18 November 2011

Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe, 18 Nov – The African Development Bank (ADB) plans to fund the food security programme in Sao Tome and Principe costing an estimated US$7.7 million, the ADB representative Chavier Bieger said Wednesday in Sao Tome.

Known as the Project fir Refurbishment of Facilities to Support Food Security (PRIASA), the programme was designed by the Sao Tome and Principe government as part of the fight against poverty, mainly with a view to refurbishing the facilities needed to improve and increase agricultural and fishing production on the archipelago.

The programme includes modernisation of an initial disembarkation point for artisanal fishing, refurbishment of the equipment at the quality control, fish supply and professional training laboratory, amongst other activities planned as part of the millennium development goal to be achieved by 2015.

The plan is to fight poverty and improve living conditions and health in Sao Tome and Principe,” noted the ADB representative. (macauhub)