Forestry inspection is rising in Mozambique

21 November 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 21 Nov – The Mozambican Agriculture Minister, José Pacheco has said that forestry inspection was increasing in the country and cited the recent seizure of thousands of cubic metres of illegal fellled wood.

Cited by Mozambican daily newspaper the minister, who was speaking to members of parliament, said that more forest inspectors had been hired and that equipment availabel to those inspectors had been improved.

“As a result of an increase in inspections in several of the country’s ports 1,500 containers were seized with 18,000 cubic metres of illegally felled wood,” the minister said.

The seized wood has been sold by public auction and has so far provided income of 29 million meticals (US$1.1 million) for the public treasury.

Two weeks ago, the Nationa Directorate for Land and Forests, which is part of the Agriculture Ministry, announced that the licenses of 16 Mozambican and foreign companies had been revoked due to their involvement in illegal wood cutting. (macauhub)