Portugal and Cape Verde are the best-ranked Portuguese-speaking countries in the International Transparency corruption index

2 December 2011

Berlin, Germany, 2 Dec – Portugal in 32nd place and Cape Verde in 41st are the best-ranked Portuguese-speaking countries in the corruption index of non-government organisation Transparency International (TI), according to a report published Thursday in Berlin.

In a ranking ranging from 0 (highly corrupt) to 10 (free of corruption) and which covers 183 countries and territories, Portugal was awarded a rating of 6.1 and Cape Verde of 5.5.

In third place amongst Portuguese-speaking countries was Brazil, which was ranked 73rd with a corruption index of 3.8 points.

Mozambique was ranked 120th, with a rating of 2.7 points, Sao Tome and Principe in 100th place, with 3.0 points and Guinea Bissau was included in the list of 30 most corrupt countries in TI’s Corruption Perception Index, and this year was ranked 154th, with 2.2 points.

Angola is ranked lowest amongst the Portuguese-speaking countries, with 2.0 points and a ranking of 168.

Transparency International’s ranking classifies Somalia, North Korea, Myanmar and Afghanistan as the most corrupt countries.

In the opposite camp the least corrupt countries are New Zealand (9.5 points), Denmark (9.4 points) and Finland (9.4 points).

The Corruption Perception Index is an indicator based on 17 sources of information provided by 13 different organisations on corruption.

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was ranked in 12th place, with 8.4 points and Macau in 46th place with 5.1 points. (macauhub)