Brazilian and Angolan telecommunications companies to link continents by undersea cable

19 December 2011

Sao Paulo, Brazil, 19 Dec – Brazilian telecommunications company Telecomunicações Brasileiras (Telebras) said Friday it had set up a partnership with Angola Cable to lay an undersea optic cable linking Fortaleza, in the capital of the Brazilian state of Ceará, to Angola’s capital, Luanda.

In a statement Telebras said the partnership to build and launch the 6,000 kilometre cable had been made official Thursday and that the company that would carry out the project would be chosen in March, 2012.

With this link to the African continent, Telebras said it hoped to reduce costs of Brazil’s Internet access to Africa and Asia by 80 percent, as traffic to these continents would no longer go via the United States and Europe.

Telebras was founded in November, 1972.

Angola Cable is a partnership between state company Angola Telecom and a number of private companies and its main aim is to build and manage Angola’s fibre optic network. (macauhub)