Rice production in Mozambique expected to total 309,000 tons in 2012

28 December 2011

Maputo, Mozambique, 28 Dec – Mozambique’s rice production in 2012 is expected to total 309,000 tons, according to projections included in the Economic and Social Plan (PES) approved recently by Mozambique’s parliament.

Mozambique currently has an annual deficit of 315,000 tons of rice as it produces just 285,000 tons of rice of the 600,000 tons it consumes.

For the 2012 agricultural campaign grain production is expected to total 3.1 million tons of which 309,000 tons will be rice.

Investments are being made in several areas of Mozambique with a view to reducing the rice production deficit, involving Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Libyan and other companies.

A group of Chinese investors recently showed interest in investing US$100 million in the Chicumbane area of Gaza province in southern Mozambique. (macauhub)