Macau population totals 552,000 people in 2011

30 December 2011

Macau, China, 30 Dec – The population of Macau totalled 552,500 people in August 2011, which represents growth of 26.9 percent compared to the 2001 Census, with average annual growth of 2.4 percent, according to the results of the 2011 Census announced Thursday by the region’s Statistics and Census Bureau.

According to the 2011 figures Macau’s population density if 18,600 people per square kilometre, or 1,730 more than in 2011 (16,870 people per square kilometre), which is a rise of 10.3 percent.

In terms of place of birth, 255,000 people were born in mainland China (41.1 percent of the total), and 19,000 in Hong Kong (3.4 percent).

In terms of distribution by gender, the male population is 265,100 people and the female population totals 287,400 people, which is 48.0 percent and 52.0 percent of the total population, which is similar to the percentages seen in 2001.

The most populated geographical areas are Areia Preta and Iao Hon (66,900 people) next to the border with mainland China. (macauhub)