Target of 50 pct renewable energies in Cape Verde to cost 300 million euros

11 January 2012

Praia, Cape Verde, 11 Jan – Execution of the Sector Plan for Renewable Energies, with a target of 50 percent penetration of renewable energies in Cape Verde by 2020, is expected to cost over 300 million euros Minister Humberto Brito said Tuesday in Praia.

The minister, who is responsible for Tourism, Industry and Energy, also said that the plan had been drawn up based on a study of the country’s potential in terms of renewable energy, on existing and identified solar, wind, sea, geothermal and solid waste resources.

Cited by Cape Verdean news agency Inforpress, Brito noted that the plan outlined the volume or limit of use that is part of the entire potential renewable energy identified by the study, and also defines areas for development of renewable energy.

In total 7,887 hectares of land, or around 79 square kilometres, less than 1.9 percent of Cape Verde’s territory, have been set aside and cover all of the country’s islands.

The projection is to install around 2,000 megawatts (MW) of power by 2020 as compared to a current amount of around 35 MW. (macauhub)