Companies from Brazil and Cape Verde plan to produce shrimp on the archipelago

12 January 2012

Fortaleza, Brazil, 12 Jan – A partnership between companies from the Brazilian state from Ceará and from Cape Verde has been set up with the aim of farming shrimp on the archipelago, according to Brazilian newspaper Diário do Nordeste.

The newspaper said that the outlined investment totalled 1.5 million euros, half of which was a donation from the Netherlands government and the other half provided by the companies that make up the partnership, called Pescados de Cabo Verde, one of which is Ceará-based company Universo Pescados.

According to the chairman of the Brazilian Service to Support Micro and Small Enterprises of Ceará (Sebrae-Ce), Carlos Cruz, the chairman of Universo Pescados is due to travel to Cape Verde next week to sign the contract with the funding bank.

Cruz also said that the tanks that would house the shrimp were ready and covered an area of 27 hectares. The first harvest of total annual production of around 120 tons was expected next Christmas, he said.

As well as shrimp the partnership also has a project approved by the Netherlands government worth 1.5 million euros for production of tilapia fish in Cape Verde, to be used as fishing bait, which will improve the lives of fishermen who will no longer need to go out to sea to fish for bait.

“We are waiting for the right moment to launch this project but funding ahs already been approved and the area, of 30 hectares, is already available,” Cruz told Diário do Nordeste.

On Tuesday Brazilian shipping and docks company Companhia Docas do Ceará (CDC) and Cape Verdean ports manager Empresa Nacional de Administração dos Portos (Enapor) signed a protocol of cooperation to increase business between Brazil and Africa, using the West African archipelago’s ports. (macauhub)