Angola’s Mecanagro to be modernised using loan from the ExIm Bank of China

20 January 2012

Luanda, Angola, 20 Jan – Angolan state company Mecanegro will be the target of a modernisation programme that will be funded by a US$40 million loan provided by the Export Import (ExIm) Bank of China, the chairman of the company said Thursday in Luanda.

Carlos Alberto Jaime Pinto, who was speaking about the agricultural mechanisation company’s 11th anniversary, also said that the modernisation programme included creation of rural engineering teams, staff training and acquisition of technical equipment.

The chairman of Mecanagro said that setting up a single rural engineering team represented an investment of around US$20 million, which included acquisition of heavy tractors, conveyor belts, levellers, rotating blades and trucks, construction of workshops and staff training.

To set up a team in each of Angola’s provinces, Pinto said, Mecanagro would need at least US$300 million and thus priority would be given to provinces with a high agricultural potential, such as Malanje, Huambo, Huíla and Kwanza Sul.

The chairman of Mecanagro said that the company this year hoped to mechanise around 100,000 hectares for agriculture.

Mecanagro, a state company set up by the Angolan government in January 2011, focuses its activities on provided mechanised services such as land preparation, opening up tertiary roads and rural engineering works. (macauhub)