The Netherlands to provide partial funding for cruise ship terminal in Cape Verde

2 February 2012

Praia, Cape Verde, 2 Feb – The Netherlands plans to fund 35 percent of the construction of a cruise liner terminal at the port of Mindelo, Sao Vicente Island, in Cape Verde, Cape Verde’s port manager, Empresa Nacional de Administração dos Portos (Enapor) said Wednesday.

The donation was provided as part of the Dutch government’s ORIO (Facility for Infrastructure Development) programme, which partially funds development projects in selected countries.

The project to build the cruise liner terminal, which is considered strategic for the country to increase its presence in that segment of the tourism market, is expected to cost 30 million euros, and the Netherlands will provide 10 million euros of that.

Franklin Spencer, the chairman of Enapor, said that the remaining 65 percent of the funding would be secured through public-private partnerships (PPPs).

The cruise liner terminal will have a 250-metre dock that is 11 metres deep and on land multipurpose stations and car parks will be built. The terminal will be able to receive around 95 percent of the existing ships in the cruise liner market.

The project is part of Cape Verde’s strategy to have an itinerary and a regular stop for cruises, which is one of the segments that Enapor is working on for the ports of Praia and Mindelo. (macauhub)