New renewable energy project in Cape Verde ready to start operating

9 February 2012

Praia, Cape Verde, 9 Feb – The solar power plant set up in Monte Trigo, on the Cape Verdean island of Santo Antao, is ready to open and start operating and will be capable of supplying residents with electricity 24 hours a day, said Cape Verdean news agency Inforpress.

The power plant, which is part of the Sesam-ER project and was 75 percent funded by the European Commission, consists of a solar power plant in Monte Trigo with a 25 kw capacity and a min hydroelectric facility in Tarrafal de Monte Trigo, which makes use of a waterfall along a river to generate 45 kw of electricity.

The project, which has a lifetime of three years and began in 2010, includes preliminary studies, a technical project and execution of the mini hydroelectric plant and the solar plant.

Water company Águas de Ponta Preta (APP), the Porto Novo Town Council, water company Águas de Porto Novo (APN), The Mechanical Engineering Institute of Lisbon’s Higher Technical Institute (Idmec-IST), Spain’s ERHTEC and TramaTecnoambiental de Espanha and France’s Transénergie are the project’s partners. (macauhub)