Angola’s National Roads Institute to rebuild 3,000 kilometres of roads in the east of the country

23 February 2012

Luanda, Angola, 23 Feb – The Angolan National Roads Institute plans to rebuild 3,000 kilometres of roads in east Angola starting this year in order to improve links between the provinces of Moxico, Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul to the rest of the country, a spokesman said Wednesday in Luanda.

The coordinator of the Management Commission of the Angolan National Roads Institute (INEA), Molares de Abril, said that alongside this project a programme of conservation would be implemented to prevent the rapid deterioration of the roads that are repaired and built.

This project is part of the Programme of Public Investments and, as of this year, the priority is National Road 180, notably the Dundo/Saurimo/Luena, Dundo/Xá Muteba, Luena/Bié and Luena/Kuando Kubango sections.

“The eastern region will this year be the focus of particular attention not only because of its size, but essentially because of the amount of investment in the road infrastructure sector so far,” said Molares de Abril.

In terms of repairing roads, in Lunda Sul the following sections have been repaired: Saurimo/Muriege/Muconda (191 kilometres) including seven bridges, and the Muconda/Luau road, including four bridges (116 kilometres). (macauhub)