Refurbishment of Mucoso Irrigation Perimeter in Angola due to end in August

6 March 2012

Work to refurbish the Mucoso irrigation perimeter in the Kambambe municipal area of Angola’s Kwanza Norte province may be finished by next August after the end of work to install the pipes for the irrigation system, which are being laid by a Spanish company.

The work, which began in August, is expected to cost 16 million euros and will improve the irrigation system in the area, specifically for growing pineapples, mango, citrus fruits and vegetables.

The project includes installation of a water collecting station that is able to pump 1,800 cubic metres of water per hour, driven by two additional pumps installed in the irrigation perimeter each with capacity to pump 700 cubic metres of water and keep a reserve of 400 cubic metres.

The work also includes construction of drinking fountains and a supply system for 12 cubic metres of drinking water per hour, which will provide water to between 1,400 people, who live around the irrigation area.

The Mucoso irrigated perimeter is an agricultural unit located in the Kambambe municipal area, which in the colonial period was used for large scale production, and whose surpluses were exported Europe and America. In the 1990s production came to a complete halt in the area. (macauhub)