Brazil should diversify its exports to China, says Brazilian ambassador in Beijing

9 March 2012

Brazil should diversify the products it exports to China, the Brazilian ambassador to China, Clodoaldo Hugueney said Thursday at a meeting held at the Brazilian Foreign Trade Association (AEB) in Rio de Janeiro.

Brazilian exports to China are based around three main products: Soy, iron ore and crude oil.

The ambassador said that Brazil needed to start selling agricultural goods that have been processed, meats or manufactured products, which have more added-value.

“There’s nothing wrong with exporting these products,” said Hugueney, but noted that, “our homework is to work on diversifying the list of exports and think about exporting more manufactured products to China.”

Ambassador Hugueney said that the Brazilian government was working on diversifying its list of exports in order to take a qualitative leap but noted that these efforts could not come from the government alone.

The balance of trade between Brazil and China in 2011 was a surplus in Brazil’s favour of US$11 billion. (macauhub)