Mozambique’s new geological map still does not show all of the country’s mining resources

12 March 2012

Mozambique’s new geological map, which was presented Thursday in Maputo by the Ministry for Mining Resources, “still does not reflect all the mining resources that exist in the country,” said the national director for Geology, Elias Daudi.

“Therefore, one of the challenges we face is to carry out a new compilation that should include all existing information as well as a projection for what may be found in Mozambique in terms of mining resources,” said the national Geology director.

The new map replaces a previous one that was published in 1987, at a time when geological coverage of the country was in its infancy, and only provided some basic maps and was based on few field studies.

“The new map was based on modern techniques of collecting and interpreting data, including recent satellite images, GPS, digital photographs, geochronology (dating of rocks) advanced geo-processing and a Geographic Information system (GIS), said the national director for Geology.

The new Geological Map of Mozambique includes 102 pages of geological mapping of the whole of Mozambique on a scale of 1:250,000, geological mapping on a 1:50,000 scale for the provinces of Niassa, Tete and Manica and an inventory and geo-chemical survey of industrial mining resources. (macauhub)