Tons of illegally logged are seized every week at a single inspection post in Mozambique

14 March 2012

The mobile brigade of the Provincial Forestry and Wildlife Service of Inhambane removes around three truck loads of undeclared wood from illegal circulation, the head of the brigade, Alfredo Bento told Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias.

According to Bento, excess volume carried by truck drivers, false certificates from buyers of both logs and sawed wood, are irregularities that are detected almost every day at the Vila Franca de Save inspection post, where nine inspectors examine the trucks carrying forestry products.

Bento said, for example, that last week his team had seized three trucks, two of which were owned by the same operator from Inhassoro district, which carried undeclared wood.

“The owner of the cargo had only one declaration, or rather, authorisation to transport 19 cubic metres of logged wood in one truck and in the other one, which was carrying the same volume, he had no certificate which meant it was undeclared cargo and so we seized the truck and wrote out a fine,” said the head of the brigade.

The head of the mobile inspection brigade said it was necessary to publicise better the standards regulating exploration and sale of forest products so that interested parties were informed of them and so that anyone wanting to be involved in the wood business could know the law. (macauhub)