Cape Verde and European Union to sign deal to simplify process of granting entry visas

15 March 2012

Cape Verde and the European Union (EU) are to sign a deal to improve granting entry visas in an initial phase to holders of diplomatic and service passports, the Cape Verdean secretary of state for Foreign Affairs, José Luís Rocha said Tuesday in Praia.

The agreement, which will also improve the granting of visas to 10 professional categories, including academics, businesspeople, journalists and artists, is part of the application of the Joint Declaration of the Mobility Partnership between the European Union and Cape Verde, which was officially signed on the sidelines of the Council for Justice and Internal Affairs of the EU, on 5 June, 2008.

Cape Verde, which has had a partnership agreement with the EU since October 2007, was chosen, along with Moldova, to become a pilot state with a view to the EU establishing the Mobility Partnership.

The Mobility Partnership is a specific and concrete offer of dialogue and cooperation with the EU and its member-states in the areas of legal migration and development in exchange for greater cooperation from the other countries in fighting illegal immigration.

So far two specific measures have been implemented as part of the Mobility Partnership, specifically the launch of the Centre to Support Migrants in the Country of Origin (CAMPO) in Praia and the Common Visa Centre (CCV) of the EU, led by Portugal. (macauhub)