Quelimane, in Mozambique, to have new rainwater drainage system

22 March 2012

Work to rebuild the obsolete rainwater drainage system in the city of Quelimane is due to begin in May and is expected to cost US$26 million, Mozambican newspaper Notícias reported.

Currently, the poor state of repair of the system means that during the rainy season both the city centre and the suburban area are flooded because of houses illegally built on top of drainage ditches, which makes it impossible for rainwater to drain away as intended.

This project involves work in the built up city centre area, which is split into two parts, specifically work started from scratch, such as laying pipes over a distance of 10 kilometres, and opening up ditches, over a distance of 3 kilometres.

The second phase consists of repairing existing facilities, notably pipes and sewers.

In the suburban area, where some work will also be started from scratch, a 14-kilometre ditch will be built, which will require several houses to be demolished, whose residents will be compensated with funds from the US Federal programme Millennium Challenge Account (MCA) Moçambique. (macauhub)