Mozambican airlines still banned from flying to Europe

5 April 2012

Mozambique’s airlines are still prohibited from flying in European air space for safety reasons, the European Commission said in a statement issued Tuesday in Brussels.

The European Commission, which did not give its reasons for keeping Mozambican airlines on the blacklist, noted that the ban covered, “all airlines certified by the authorities of the Republic of Mozambique responsible for regulatory supervision.”

About a year ago the European Commission published a list of airlines banned from, or subject to restrictions to operate in European air space, which included Mozambican airlines. The EC said at the time that there was concern about the safety of airlines licensed in Mozambique.

The EC’s decision was based on the results of an audit in January 2010 by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), which found several irregularities in complying with some requirements in the air carrier certification process, aeronautical regulation, technical, and institutional training.

In this, the 19th update to the EC’s blacklist Angola’s flagship airline Taag continued to be allowed to fly to Europe, despite a number of restrictions. (macauhub)