Cape Verde and China to cooperate in areas of science and higher education

13 April 2012

Cape Verde and China have agreed to carry out research projects in the areas of renewable energy, information technology, health, and the sea, opening up a “new door” in two-way cooperation, Cape Verde’s Higher Education, Science and Innovation Minister said Thursday in Beijing.

Speaking to Portuguese news agency Lusa about the results of his first visit to China, Minister António Correia da Silva said, “we cannot cooperate in everything and so the areas that I mentioned are our absolute priorities.”

During Correia da Silva’s visit, which began last weekend, Cape Verde and China also signed an agreement for the area of higher education which allows for “direct cooperation between universities,” in the two countries, “exchanges” of professors and students and teacher training.

Around 100 Cape Verdean scholarship students are studying for a degree in China, but Cape Verde now plans to “focus more on post-graduate study,” and “training of university teachers.”

Correia da Silva, who travelled onwards to Macau on Thursday, said that the three Chinese universities already suggested as partner were Qinghua and Beiwai in Beijing, and Jinan University, in the capital of Shandong province. (macauhub)