Japan-Brazil mission satisfied with conditions in Mozambique for Prosavana programme to move ahead

23 April 2012

A joint mission of Japanese and Brazilian businesspeople that visited Mozambique last week approved the potential for agricultural development in the area identified to host the Prosavana project, in the Nacala Corridor, according to Mozambican newspaper Notícias.

After an exploratory visit to Nampula and Niassa, the mission noted the strong commitment by the authorities and the motivation of producers, as well as the basic infrastructure needed, a favourable system for investment, access to markets, availability of human resources, and domestic and foreign consumers.

The head of the Brazilian delegation, Luíz Nishimori, said that there were still some constraints that needed to be overcome for the programme to offer quick results, specifically the need to set up the value chain, development of agricultural technology, boosting the agricultural extension system, and community consultation about land.

Prosavana (Triangular Cooperation Programme for Agricultural Development of the Tropical Savannahs in Mozambique) is a project aimed at increasing agricultural yields through intensive and extensive farming and a focus on technology transfer.

Prosavana, which is based on three-sided cooperation between the governments of Mozambique, Brazil and Japan, is intended to reproduce the success of using the so-called Brazilian “cerrado” for agricultural production in Mozambique’s savannahs. (macauhub)