Businesspeople from mainland China and Macau travel to Brazil as part of an official mission

4 May 2012

Businesspeople from mainland China and Macau Friday began an official visit to Brazil headed up by China’s deputy Trade Minister, Jiang Yaoping and by the Macau Secretary for the Economy and Finance, Francis Tam Pak Yuen.

According to a statement from the Macau Information Bureau, the mission, which is made up of 55 people, also includes representatives of the Chinese Trade Ministry, of the government of the Macau Special Administrative Region, and of the permanent secretariat of Forum Macau.

The mission will begin its work in Brasilia where, together with executive staff members of the ministries for Foreign Affairs and for Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, will exchange ideas about the work of Forum Macau, particularly in terms of the execution of the Plan of Action for Economic and Trade Cooperation signed at the 3rd Ministerial Conference of Forum Macau.

Macau continues to boost its role as a platform in several areas through high levels exchanges, themed presentations, business matching with a view to increasing economic and trade relations and encouraging cooperation between companies.

Next Tuesday, the China Ministry of Trade and the Economy and Finance Secretariat of the Macau Special Administrative Region have scheduled in Sao Paulo a Session to Present Investment and Cooperation Opportunities between China (mainland China and Macau) and Brazil. (macauhub)