Macau’s economic and cultural delegation in Taiwan opens 13 May

8 May 2012

The official inauguration of the Macau Economic and Cultural Delegation in Taiwan will take place on 13 May at a ceremony attended by the secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Cheong U, according to information from Macau’s Information Bureau.

The Macau delegation, located in the Taipei 101 building, is headed by the former secretary-general of the Macau Commission for the Development of Tourism, Leong Kit Chi, has been operating since the end of November 2011.

Alexis Tam, government spokesman and head of the office of Fernando Chui Sai On, told the local press that the delegation would provide services to support Macau residents, specifically for the certification of documents and in emergency situations, to promote exchange and cooperation in a variety of areas, specifically in terms of the economy, trade, and tourism.

Official contacts between the special administrative region of Macau and Hong Kong, and Taiwan began after an Economic Cooperation Agreement was signed by Taipei and Beijing in June, 2010. (macauhub)