Mozambique exports peanuts and green beans to UK

22 May 2012

Mozambique now exports peanuts and green beans to the European market, particularly to the United Kingdom, as part of the pilot-project to promote exports of organic and handicraft products, the Institute for Export Promotion (Ipex) said.

This pilot project, which will initially also cover cashew nuts, pineapples, mangos, and chilli peppers and is essentially focused on European markets, is intended to diversify exports and increase the volume of goods sold outside Mozambique.

Citing figures provided by Ipex Mozambican news agency AIM said that the peanuts had been exported by a company called Ikuri and were grown on an area of 60 hectares and involved 30 producers from the Muecate Union.

This year, Ipex said, the peanuts are due to be certified as a Fair Trade product, producers will be given pre- and post-harvest assistance, and the peanut project will be reproduced on a national scale.

The provinces of Nampula, Cabo Delgado, Manica, Inhambane, Maputo and Sofala were chosen to be part of the pilot project for exporting organic products.

In terms of exporting Mozambican fruit, particularly mangoes, Ipex said that this could happen at any moment as Maputo company Citrum do Umbeluzi, and Manica-based company Pinto Matavel, which produce mangoes and grapefruit, respectively, are about to receive certification. (macauhub)