Expansion of Pande and Temane will provide Mozambique with more natural gas

31 May 2012

Mozambique will have access to another 36 million gigajoules of natural gas following the expansion from 120 to 183 million gigajoules at the Pande and Temane natural gas processing plant, in Inhambane province, according to Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias.

Of the 63 million additional gigajoules resulting from the expansion, 27 million will be earmarked for use by the Mozambican market, the same amount will be sent to South Africa. The remaining 9 million gigajoules represent royalties, which is the tax that South African group Sasol will pay in kind for exploration of the resource.

Expansion of the facility, which required investment of US$220 million, will guarantee additional gas for domestic consumption as well as construction and operation of a natural gas distribution system in the city of Maputo and make it possible to build the Chokwé and Ressano Garcia power plants.

During the ceremony to inaugurate the Pande and Temane gas processing plant, Sasol’s chief executive, David Constable, said that since 1999 over 12 billion rands had been invested in the project in order to send the gas along a pipeline from Temane to Secunda and Sasolburg, in South Africa.

A gigajoule is a metric unit used to measure energy and represents the amount of energy provided by 26.1 cubic metres of natural gas. (macauhub)