Irrigation management company in Mozambique seeks Chinese partner

6 June 2012

The managers of the Lower Limpopo irrigation area, in the Xai-Xai district of the Mozambican coastal province of Gaza, plan to find a Chinese partner to ensure greater wheat and rice production in an area of 12,000 hectares, said the chairman of the management company.

According to Mozambican news agency AIM, the agreement with unidentified partners is intended to ensure production on a large scale in the agricultural region of Chicumbane, to provide products both for domestic use and for export.

The chairman of the management company, Armando Ussivane, said that the partnership was intended to increase the current yield of 3 tons per hectare to 10 tons per hectare.

Ussivane added that the partnership followed cooperation agreements with Chinese farmers from Hubei, which will transfer technologies to increase the rice yield.

The Lower Limpopo system is the second-largest irrigation area in Mozambique, after the Chocué irrigation area, which is also located in the Limpopo valley. (macauhub)