3rd edition of Mozambique International Packaging and Printing Fair attracts 35 exhibitors

8 June 2012

Thirty five packaging manufacturers have been exhibiting their wares since Thursday in Maputo at the 2rd edition of the International Packaging and Printing Fair, organised by the Institute for Promotion of Small and Medium-sized Companies (Ipeme), according to Mozambican news agency AIM.

Of the 35 companies at the fair, 31 are Mozambican and the other four are from Kenya, Brazil, Italy, and South Africa.

The fair has been organised for the last three years by the Mozambican government to bring together business owners, investors, manufacturing companies, suppliers, and consumers from the country’s packaging and agri-processing sectors with a view to promoting business in this area.

The fair, which is due to end Friday, is also intended to drive the packaging sector in Mozambique and improve the quality and quantity of products produced by micro, small, and medium-sized companies.

The packaging industry in Mozambique is embryonic, which means that Mozambique-based companies have to import what the need and this exposes them to exchange rate risks.

The latest figures reported by AIM showed that 33 companies operate in Mozambique, of which 27 produce plastic packaging, four produce cardboard products, and two produce metal packages.

In the past Mozambique had a diverse packaging industry ranging from plastic to paper and cardboard, metals, glass, wood and a variety of sacks such as sisal and jute, which made the country self-sufficient in this area. However this situation changed in the 1980s when production capacity dropped off and the packaging sector came to a virtual standstill (macauhub)