Mozambique’s main ports undergo refurbishment

26 June 2012

The Strategy for Integrated Transport Development, approved by the Mozambican government, is underway in Mozambique with some work carried out at the country’s larger ports, the deputy Transport and Communications Minister said in Beira.

Amongst the improvements being made to the ports, deputy Minister Eusébio Saide noted dredging of the access channel and manoeuvring basin at the port of Beira, construction of the coal terminal and the ocean dredger with a capacity of 2,500 cubic metres, amongst other projects.

“Alongside the work underway at the port of Beira, improvements are also being made to the Sena and Machipanda railroads in order to improve their capacity and safety,” said Saide cited by Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias after signing a formal delivery and final acceptance protocol for three ships as part of the project to “Improve Sea Operations at the Port of Beira.”

Taking into account the limited capacities of both the Sena line and the port of Beira, several studies are underway for construction of facilities to ensure the transport of high quantities of minerals expected to be mined over the next few years.

The new railway lines that are being considered include two branch lines linking the Sena line to the Nacala line to allow for the use of the port of Nacala as well as construction of another line linking Moatize to the port of Macuse, in Zambézia province.

“These alternatives should be complemented by construction of coal terminal in Nacala-a-Velha and in Macuse,” said the deputy Transport and Communications Minister. (macauhub)