Angolan businesswoman controls 28.8 pct of Portuguese company Zon Multimédia

5 July 2012

Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos now owns 28.8 percent of Portuguese media company Zon Multimédia after Portuguese state financial group Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) sold its 10.88 percent stake to Jadeium Monday, Zon said in a regulatory filing.

“Following the sale by CGD, outside the stock exchange, of 33.18 million shares in Zon to Jadeium, as agreed between the parties in the sales contract dated 12 June, 2012, CGD no longer has any direct stake in Zon,” said the statement issued by stock market regulator CMVM.

Jadeium, a stake-holding company controlled by Angolan businesswoman Isabel dos Santos, has also bought indirect stakes in Zon Multimédia from CGD, via insurance company Fidelidade and its pension fund (215,000 from Fidelidade and 483,300 from the CGD Pension fund).

The CGD group, which before the sale was one of Zon Multimédia’s main shareholders, now has an indirect stake in Zon of 0.0016 percent, or a total of 4,874 shares, according to the statement issued via CMVM.

The sales agreement between the bank and Isabel dos Santos, who already owned 10 percent of Zon Multimédia via Kento Holding and 8 percent through Jadeium, was signed on 12 June and, according to Portuguese financial daily Jornal de Negócios, was carried out at 2.6 euros per share, or a total of 85 million euros.

The businesswoman, who is the daughter of Angolan President José Eduardo dos Santos, thus increased her position to 28.8 percent of Zon Multimédia, 18.8 percent via Jadeium and 10 percent through Kento. (macauhub)