The Netherlands to stop supporting Mozambican state budget

16 July 2012

The Netherlands plans to stop supporting the Mozambican state budget as of 2013 due to poor performance by the government and in the fight against corruption, an official from the Netherlands’ embassy in Mozambique said cited by Agence France Presse (AFP).

“Mozambique was evaluated in terms of its performance in reducing poverty, improved governance and fighting corruption,” said Michael Thijssen, an embassy official, adding that, “according to the standards outlined in our assessment framework we saw no significant improvements in these areas.”

Speaking to the French news agency, Thijssen said that as of 2013 the funds so far provided directly to support the state budget would be channelled into specific sectors such as health.

The Netherlands is part of a group of 19 countries and international organizations – the so-called G19 – that provide direct budgetary aid to Mozambique.

In March 2010, the G-19 suspended its support for the State Budget following the 2009 general election and payments were reinstated after a month of negotiations in which group members demanded concrete action by the Mozambican government in terms of electoral reforms and combating corruption. (macauhub)