Fish inspection laboratory in Maputo, Mozambique receives international accreditation

2 August 2012

International accreditation of the Maputo Fish Inspection Laboratory will make it easier and reduce the cost of exporting fish to other parts of the world, said Mozambican government spokesman, Alberto Nkutumula in Maputo.

“This means that, with this accreditation, the Fish Inspection Laboratory in Maputo will have the credentials to inspect and analyse the quality of shrimp, fish, and other sea products,” said the spokesman and Justice Minister.

Nkutumula noted that, to date, “the products were sent to laboratories outside the country, which took time and cost money, given that the cost of storing and preserving the fish also increases,” and added that, “this accreditation reduces the waiting period and the amount spent before the product is exported.”

The Maputo Fish Inspection Laboratory, which is the first public laboratory to receive accreditation in Mozambique, received its accreditation from the Portuguese Accreditation Institute.

The accreditation confirms that the laboratory operates in line with ISO Standard 17025:2005, which means that it is able to carry out its activities safely. (macauhub)