Trade between China and Portuguese-speaking countries totals US$63.7 billion in first six months of 2012

2 August 2012

Trade between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries from January to June, 2012 totalled US$63.7 billion, a year-on-year rise of 21.88 percent, according to official figures from China Customs Service published in Macau.

In the period, China imported goods from the eight Portuguese-speaking countries worth US$44.76 billion (28.83 percent more) and exported goods worth US$18.93 billion (8.09 percent more), generating a trade deficit for China of US$25.83 billion.

With Brazil, China’s main trading partner amongst the eight Portuguese-speaking nations, bilateral trade totalled US$41.08 billion, with goods imported from Brazil to China worth US$25.55 billion and exported from China to Brazil worth US$15.52 billion. This led to a trade surplus of US$10.03 billion for Brazil.

Angola is China’s second-biggest trading partner amongst the Portuguese-speaking countries and trade totalled US$19.9 billion with a much more significant surplus for the African nation – US$16.54 billion – resulting from acquisitions by China worth US$18.22 billion and sales to Angola of just US$1.68 billion.

Portugal, which remained in its usual third place as a trading partner amongst the Portuguese-speaking nations, posted trade with China of US$2 billion, with Chinese exports of US$1.22 billion, and imports from Portugal of US$778 million.

Trade with Mozambique totalled US$639 million as a result of Chinese imports worth US$205 million and exports worth US$434 million. (macauhub)