Mozambican government studies acquisition of mobile telephony facilities

6 August 2012

The Mozambican government has ordered a study to determine the nature and model of operation of the body that will manage the telecommunications facilities owned by the three mobile telephone companies operating in the country, the Transport and Communications minister said.

According to state daily newspaper Notícias, Minister Paulo Zucula did not gave many more details about this matter but added that the idea was to buy the facilities from Moçambique Celular, Vodacom and Movitel and invest in building others, in order to improve service quality.

Zucula said he was of the opinion that once the companies have been freed up from managing the facilities and the debts from building them, they can concentrate on telecommunications operations full time.

“We have ordered a study to look into the possibility of having a company or a government or quasi-governmental body to buy all the facilities in order to manage them for the operators,” Zucula said.

The minister said that the study was intended to find out if this acquisition made sense, “although from a theoretical point of view it seems sensible, taking into account that by freeing the companies from the associated costs we free up their investment capacity.”

The Mozambican government is also studying the possibility of unifying fixed and mobile telephony and Internet access licensing for new operators intending to enter the Mozambican market. (macauhub)