Growth expected for port of Maputo exceeds initial projections

14 August 2012

The port of Maputo is expected to have capacity to process up to 60 million tons of cargo per year when its 2012-2030 development plan is concluded, according to projections from the Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC), the port’s manager.

Information published recently in the port’s 2012-2013 directory and cited by daily newspaper Notícias, showed that the reason behind such optimistic figures was the rapid growth seen in mining resources, which is expected to continue over the next few years, and which may have an impact on the growth in traffic at the port.

Despite projected investments of US$400 million in the first five years of the plan’s execution, specifically to move ahead with some initiatives that are already underway, it is expected that the market will determine the steps to be taken in the future. With this in mind customers from a number of sectors are being contacted and local economies are being analysed.

As part of the development plan at least three investment projects to expand basic facilities are due to be finished by the end of the year, including one to increase the size of the main access gate to the port through which at least 600 trucks per day drive into the port on the way to a number of cargo terminals carrying cargo to and from neighbouring countries.

The port of Maputo currently handles iron, chromium and coal from Zimbabwe, coal from Botswana, magnetite, coal, iron and chromium from South Africa and iron ore from Swaziland, as well as containers from South Africa and Zimbabwe. (macauhub)