Mozambique needs US$3.1 billion to become self-sufficient in food

21 August 2012

Mozambique needs US$3.1 billion for the 2013-17 period to be applied on initiatives to reduce external dependence on foodstuffs and to increase agricultural competitiveness within Southern Africa, according to the country’s Agriculture Ministry.

The funding is being raised amongst Mozambique’s international cooperation partners, according to the Agriculture Ministry in its document entitled, “National Agrarian Sector Investment Programme” (PNISA).

The funding is expected to be used to encourage agricultural production and productivity, access to markets, boosting food and nutritional safety, and institutional reform of bodies related to agricultural promotion.

When the plan goes ahead, and within 10 years, Mozambique is expected to have, “a prosperous, competitive and sustainable agricultural sector capable of contributing to greater food safety, yield and profitability of agricultural producers, as well as increasing market-focused agricultural production,” the government department said in the document.

According to Mozambican daily newspaper Notícias, the document is being presented to the private sector, non-governmental organisations, academic institutions and members of so-called Mozambican civil society in order to survey suggestions. (macauhub)