Factory for Angola LNG project starts tests ahead of official inauguration

23 August 2012

The factory to process and liquefy natural gas at the Angola LNG project is now in its test phase ahead of its official inauguration, expected to take place later this month, Angolan state newspaper Jornal de Angola reported.

With an overall cost of US$10 billion, the Angola LNG project has as its partners US group Chevron, with 36.4 percent, Angolan state oil company Sonangol with 22.8 percent, and Italian group ENI, France’s Total and UK-based company BP, each with a stake of 13.6 percent.

When it is fully operational the factory will have an installed capacity to process 5.2 million tons of natural gas per year and produce three types of gas; liquid natural gas (LNG), propane and butane. Of the total a significant amount will be handed over to Sonangol each day to supply the Angolan market.

The Angola LNG project is the biggest project ever built in Soyo municipality of Zaire province and the factory, which covers an area of 430 hectares, is practically finished, and the only thing left to finish is construction of the pipeline to transport the natural gas from blocks 0 and 14 in Cabinda province.

In Soyo municipality the project has a network of gas pipelines stretching over 500 kilometres that will carry the gas from onshore and offshore oil fields in blocks 2 and 17 in Zaire province.

The director-general of the Angola LNG project said that the factory would operate using 7 ships ordered to carry natural gas to consumer markets, particularly in Asia, where around 50 percent of the product will be sent, Europe and North America.

Rocha also said that six ships were already located in Angola, and that three of them had been leased from gas exploration companies, and that the seventh was still under construction in South Korea. (macauhub)