Guinea Bissau’s government wants to renegotiate contract with Bauxite Angola

24 August 2012

The Guinea Bissau transitional government plans to renegotiate the quotas set with Angolan company Bauxite Angola, which is set to mine bauxite deposits in Boé, government spokesman Fernando Vaz said Wednesday in Bissau.

Speaking to Portuguese news agency Lusa, the spokesman said that the transitional government, led by prime minister Rui de Barros, had told the chairman of Bauxite Angola, Bernardo Campos that it did not agree that Guinea Bissau should own just 10 percent of the company and that the Angolan company kept the remaining 90 percent.

“The issue of Bauxite Angola is a particularly shocking situation for any Guinean, and it is inadmissible that a country in possession of an asset, of a natural resource, should give another country that natural resource in a manner that is not very clear,” said Vaz. (macauhub)