Mozambique needs to produce more fish, minister says

5 September 2012

Mozambique needs to increase its yearly fish production levels in order to reach its ideal per capita consumption of 18 kilos, as compared to 10.5 kilos at the moment, said Mozambique’s Fishing Minister cited by Mozambican news agency AIM.

Minister Victor Borges also said that annual fish production stood at 200,000 tons, which needs to be doubled in order to achieve the ideal per capita figure.

“We need to continue to promote aquaculture in order to reach the desired levels of consumption,” said Borges, who recently visited Maputo province, in southern Mozambique, where he sought to encourage the population and a number of organisations to get involved in fish farming, by building tanks.

“Ideal levels of consumption are still a long way away, but this great effort and desire for aquaculture may, very quickly, takes us along the path we need to follow,” said Borges.

The minister noted that in Maputo province, although some steps had been taken, aquaculture was still in its initial stages.

“Growth of fish is still not ideal, as it is around 150 grams or 200 grams, but we are looking for growth of 300 to 350 grams, and so we need to improve tanks, improve the quality of fry and promote better feeding of the fish,” the minister said. (macauhub)