Mozambique is the 7th worst country on 2012/2013 Global Competitiveness Index

6 September 2012

Mozambique is the worst-placed Portuguese-speaking country on the 2012/2013 Global Competitiveness Index, which was published Wednesday by the World Economic Forum, having fallen five places to 138th in a list that has a total of 144 nations.

This document, which has been assessing 12 factors of competitiveness since 2004, does not include Angola, Guinea Bissau, or Sao Tome and Principe.

Each year the World Economic Forum analyses institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomic climate, health and education, higher education and training, efficiency of the commodities market, efficiency of the jobs market, the financial market, availability of technology, size of the market, business sophistication, and innovation of the 144 countries.

The top Portuguese-speaking country is Brazil, in 48th place, followed by Portugal, in 49th. In the previous index Brazil placed 53rd and Portugal was in 45th place.

The next Portuguese-speaking country to appear is Cape Verde, which fell from 119th place to 122nd place this year, with East Timor (Timor Leste) appearing further down the list in 136th place, having also fallen five places in relation to the previous index.

Finally, Mozambique appears towards the bottom of a list in which the top places are taken up by Switzerland, Singapore, Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands, and the bottom places are filled by the Yemen, Guinea Conakry, Haiti, Sierra Leone, and Burundi. (macauhub)