Niassa province, in Mozambique, plans to attract national and foreign investors

6 September 2012

The government of Mozambique’s Niassa province plans for national and foreign businesspeople to invest in the province, and permanent secretary Verónica Langa noted untapped mining resources, tourism potential and available land for agriculture and silviculture as potential areas for that investment.

During a conference on “Investment Opportunities in Niassa,” held in Maputo and organised by the Malonda Foundation, Langa gave assurances that anyone who decided to invest in the province, “would make a good profits from it.”

Niassa, which is the country’s largest province, has 676,000 hectares of land for forest plantation, and the provincial Agriculture director, Eusébio Tumuitikile, said that Niassa had 9.4 million hectares (94,000 square kilometres) of forests, where tree species of a high commercial value grow, including ebony, sandalwood and rosewood.

“There is an area of over 2 million hectares for forestry plantations and there are companies working in that sector, such as Chikwete Forest of Niassa, New Forest, Green Resources, Florestas de Niassa, Florestas do Planalto, and Companhia Florestal de Massangulo, exploring 32,000 hectares,” he said.

In terms of mining resources, the province has confirmed the existence of gold, sapphires, rubies, phosphates, garnets, limestone, lead, zinc, tourmalines, aquamarines, and coal, and the provincial director for Mining Resources, Sertório Aurélio, has said that now only a survey need be carried out to determine the amounts of each mineral. (macauhub)