Mozambican government needs funding to re-launch wheat production

20 September 2012

Mozambique needs funding of 693 million meticals (US$24 million) to re-launch wheat production by 2017, according to estimates from the Ministry for Agriculture, cited by daily newspaper Correio da Manhã.

The project is intended to reduce Mozambique’s dependence on grain imports and the amount of funding is being raised from programme support partners and will be used to buy improved seeds, fertiliser and technical support.

A document about Mozambique’s strategy for the agricultural sector in the 2012-2017 period also notes other activities such as plant health campaigns, publication of purchase prices and pre-campaign benchmark prices for the country to substantially increase its wheat production over the next five years.

The programme aims to involve the national private sector in order to allow Mozambique to produce 2 million tons of wheat in the 2016/2017 agricultural year, given that current production stands at 22,000 tons per year and is “insignificant and does not meet the consumption requirements of Mozambicans,” which are estimated at 437,000 tons per year. (macauhub)