Tanzania and Mozambique to be linked by rail

20 September 2012

Tanzania and Mozambique will be linked via Malawi by a railway line that will being at the town of Mtwara in southern Tanzania, Chinese news agency Xinhua reported citing sources from the Mozambican and Tanzanian governments.

According to the sources the two governments want the railroad to be built “as soon as possible,” in order to allow people and goods to be carried between the two countries, both of which are members of the Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The idea behind building this railway line dates back to Mozambique’s independence in 1975when the then presidents, both of whom have since died, decided that the two countries should be linked by road and rail. The road link was concluded about a year ago.

Xinhua also reported that the two governments were preparing the budget for the railway line, construction of which is expected to begin within three years. (macauhub)